Serves 4

8 sausages
1 onion
2 chopped garlic cloves
1 tin of baked beans
1 tin of mixed beans drained
1 tin sliced carrots drained
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1tsp chilli flakes
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tbsp Goldenfry Gravy Granules Chicken


  1. Slowly cook the sausages in a large frying pan, until dark brown then chop into chunks.
  2. Add the onion and garlic and fry until the onion is soft.
  3. Add all the cans and stir well.
  4. Add the chilli flakes, Worcestershire sauce and sprinkle on the gravy granules.
  5. Stir well, then let the dish simmer until the sauce thickens.
  6. Serve with jacket spuds.